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Engineering Link

Inspiring Students and Teachers since 1994 

Since its inception in 1994 as a three day camp for Year 11 students, the Engineering Link Group has grown to be the exemplar in Queensland and Australia for introducing secondary school students to the discipline of engineering. We have grown to be state-wide since 1999, and have expanded to cater for both Year 11 and Year 12 students, as well as linking teachers with engineers. In 2012, we expanded to New South Wales and into Victoria in 2013 - achieving our mission of working with students and teachers across Australia.

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Are you a student who wants to:

  • discover the reason WHY you are learning what you are in school?
  • wants to meet like-minded students?
  • find out more about an exciting career option from those who are living it?

Are you a teacher who wants to

  • know how you can apply what you teach to the real world?
  • meet engineers and scientists who are excited to help you achieve your goals?
  • learn how you can better support your student?
  • get award-winning professional development?

Are you an engineer, a university or an engineering company who wants to:

  • give back to their local community?
  • provide opportunities that you wish YOU had when you were at school?
  • assist your staff to meet their CPD and community engagement goals?







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